Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Holiday in The Forest

Hallo! welcome back to my blog! So, now im going to tell you about my activities during my last holiday or my vacation.

       So, last holiday i didn't go to vacation but I joined to do Pendidikan Dasar XLI PPA Jamadagni.
The activities start from 27 December 2016 to 2 January 2017. In the first day we did an opening ceremony with the commitee and our parents in the ceremonial field in SMAN 3 Bandung. After the ceremony finished, the commitee shared some snacks to us and at 09.00 am we went to Lembang by truck. after 2 hours on the way finally we arrived in Lembang and we should walk (long march) to Situ Lembang.
       On the way to Situ Lembang we did some rest because its too tiring and at 12.00 pm we took a rest, we had a lunch and did dzuhur prayer, after we finished took a rest we continued our long march to situ lembang and on the way to Situ Lembang we passed the streets and villages. After we walked for about 4 hours, we took a rest in the village and drank some water after that we continued the long march again and after long time doing long march finally we arrived in the forest that we used to slept. and after we arrived, the commitee directly explained to us about how to made shelter and fire.
       The condition in this place was not too beautiful because its a forest, it has so many big tree and bushes and there was a big lake too. So, i slept in the shelter and we made it under the tree.
       In this activities we did so much learning, we learned how to do navigation using a compass, how to do PPGD, How to do search and rescue, how to survive if we don't have food to eat and we learned also to not wasting our time.
       On 2 January 2017 we finally passed the Pendidikan Dasar and we are officially an anggota muda of PPA Jamadagni XLI. I was so happy because I passed and Im proud of myself and my friends.

So, that's my story. thank you for reading my blog!
byeee, see you later!!!

Kamis, 08 Desember 2016


Hi guys! welcome back to my blog!
So, now I going to tell you abaout my extracurricular
My extracurricular is Jamadagni, it is a natural explorers extracurricular. So, basically we do a hiking or rock climbing but before that we have to prepare ourselves to do that. Before we do the activities we do a workout to prepare our physic and our mental. In this extracurricular we also learn how to survive in some conditions like lost. We learn how to find food and water in the forest. And also we learn how to rescue before we do hiking.

In this extracurricular we have to wear a scarf and for a newcomer scarf is yellow and has JAMADAGNI letter on it, for the student who has been do an pendidikan dasar the scarf is dark blue and for the student who has been do diklat and an expedition the scarf is blue with yellow layout.

Jamadagni also have a song, basically we sing this song while we were running, so here is the song.

oh beginilah anak jamadagni
diaduh-aduh dan diosong-osong
tapi biar tidak apa
asal untuk jamadagni
naik dan turun gunung, kesukaan kami
acungkan tinju kita, bersatu padu
satu s'mangat jiwa kita, ayo terus maju
JMD bersatu, singsingkan lengan baju
JMD satu jiwa, dengan kompak pasti jaya

tiada gunung terlalu tinggi
buat kami daki dihawa panas
tiada gunung terlalu dalam buat kami turuni dimalan gelap, malam gelap
hutan rimba, padang lalang
dusun sunyi, jalanan jauh
panas terik, hujan berangin
maju terus, pantang mudur
haram patah haram patah hati kami
karena beraninya, pasukan JMD ku lah menyapu lawan semua


So that's all from me, thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoy it!
byee, see you next time!!

Leadership Training

SMAN 3 BANDUNG always established Leadership Training every year. This training is one of requirements that must be followed by all students of class X .  At this year, Leardership Training was taken at RINDAM III SILIWANGI for three days, on 28th September until 1st October .

I will tell the activities we did in RINDAM. 

First day,
When we arrived at Rindam, we all gathered at the hall having briefing with our coach. We listened all directions we have to obey during training. Then, the coach devided us into four groups. The first and second groups are all girls. The third and fourth groups contains of boys. I was placed at first group. 
The first group was given barrack Mundinglaya One for taking a rest and  put our bags and mattress. After we put our things in the room, we all gathered again at the hall for opening ceremony. We were guided and supervised by soldiers. The, we got counselling about strategies to prevent violence and juvenile deliquency. This counselling is very usefull for me for self defense.
After we took a rest for a while, we went to field for marching drills. It started at 1.30 pm until 05.00 pm. it maked me so tired but I enjoyed it. After finished the activity, we went to our barrack for taking a bath.
like that:)
After we were all cleaned, we  went to a large dinning room for our dinner. We must behave dining with a table manners. For example, we shouldn't tinkle when we ate ,so we were very carefully to drink and eat. And we must also devour all meals we taken.
At 17.30 pm we went to mosque preparing evening prayer. Then, we went to our barrack for take a rest.

Second Day,
i woke up at 03.00 am. Athough i was very sleepy, I have to prepare myself to do next activities. We immediately tidy up my mattress and took a bath for a minute. Then, we went to mosque and have a tahajud prayer and a dawn prayer.
At 07.00 am we went to the hall again. We have lectures about  the values of Pancasila, UUD RI 1945, RINDAM III formation and improving self quality. These lessons  really inspired me.
At 10.00 am, we went to field again for marching drills . This training was to improved the first drills we had. After that, we gathered agai at the hall for checking our PSAS by OSIS. I was very nervous becauseI didnt wear my legging and it is a violation.The punishment that i get is bending for five times.
At 07.00 pm we gathered again at the hall. We choosed the head of almamater 3'2019 then we practice for our closing ceremony/

Third Day
At the last day, we were very very happy and very fun. We just chat and played some games. it was very fun and always maked me smile . Than we went to auditorium for closing ceremony LDKS SMAN 3 BANDUNG. Before ceremony, we rehearsed. Than we tidy up our barracks and this training is finished. At 11.30 I left RINDAM III SILIWANGI.......
I hope this training make me better and discipline.
And this experience will not be forgotten:))

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you enjoy it! 
Byee! see you next time :) :)